God Save The Punk

Le troisième dimanche du mois. De 20h à 23h.

Animé par Mickey, Ninurs et July.

God Save The Punk est une émission pour se décrasser les cages à miel et sauter de partout dans la cuisine en revisitant les plus grandes heures du punk, ses prémices, ses évolutions et ses révolutions ! « Le punk ? c’est de la super bonne musique jouée par de mauvais musiciens drogués » dixit Fat Mike (Nofx). God Save The Punk… c’est une super émission présentée par de mauvais animateurs qui pensent y connaître quelque chose !

Ninurs et Mickey vous éclaireront sur ce mouvement par leurs anecdotes et leurs rubriques ! Vous aurez le droit de désigner le créteux du mois selon l’actualité, de découvrir du punk improbable ou les tubes de papa qui dorment dans le grenier. Mais avant tout, ils vous aideront à déconnecter vos neurones pour voir ce que ça fait de se jeter contre un mur avec la guitare que vous laissiez dormir dans un coin sur les trois pauvres accords que vous savez encore jouer.

God Save The Punk, l’émission qui porte fièrement la crête le troisième dimanche de chaque mois sur Radio Metal… si on ne se décide pas à les virer !

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Émission du 17/06/2018

  1. God Save The Punk - 17_06_2018 Radio Metal 2:18:56

Émission du 20/05/2018

  1. God Save The Punk - 20_05_18 Radio Metal 2:24:56

Émission du 15/04/2018


The Devotchkas – One Sided Society
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Someday I suppose
Gallows – London Is The Reason
Slapshot – Hang up your boots
NOFX – Fun Thing to fuck
Ramones – I Wanna be sedated
SmashMouth – Allstar
Joyeux urbains – Chacun sa croute
Blood for blood – Some kind of hate
Deez Nuts – Chess Boxin
Alea Jacta Est – From Silence I rise
Biohazard – A lot to learn
Les Ecureuils qui puent – J’aime ta main
Doc Martine – La tektonik des claques
Fatals Picards – Dans mon verre
The Andrew sisters – in the mood
Rancid – Olympia WA
Street Dogs – Punk Rock’n Roll
Black Flag – Rise above
GBH – give me fire
Scabies – The Joker
The Suicide Machines – It’s the end of the world as we know it
Weird Al Jankovic – Constipated
The Unseen – Paint it black
Renaud – It is not because you are
Bloodhound Gang – Kiss me where it smells funny
Stupeflip – Ce petit blouson en daim
Svinkels – Happy hour
The Dead Kennedys – Holiday in cambodia
The Exploited – Beat The bastards
Negative fx – Feel like a man
Millencolin – No Cigar
Misfits – Dig Her Bones
Les producteurs de porcs – J’étais un punk avant
Reel big fish – Everybody’s drunk
Opium du peuple – Evil Rock collection

  1. God Save The Punk - 15_04_18 Radio Metal 1:04:51
  2. God Save The Punk - 15_04_18 Radio Metal 1:05:32

Émission du 18/03/2018 – Le changement, c’est en gueulant


Pennywise – Something to change
Chasing Paperboy – Restart Forever
Les Mauvais Jours – Steps
Blink 182 – Untitled
Reel Big Fish – She has a Girlfriend now
Save Ferris – The World is new
Nofx – I’m a transves-lite
Les 3 accords – Hawaienne
Burning Heads – Boots on
Raincheck – Fresh Start
The Great Divide – Leave Tomorrow
Crowning – Velleity
The Mad Capsule Markets – Restart !
David Bowie – Change
G.L.O.S.S – Trans day of revenge
Not On Tour – Different kind of weather
The Offspring – Change the world
Bald Vulture – Winds of Change
Counter Reset – Heal The World
The Dickies – Sound of Silence
Jethro Tull – Too old for rock n roll tooyoung to die
Pink – So What
Stupeflip – Je fume pu d’shit
MxPx – First Day of the rest of our lives
Good Charlotte – Change
Weezer – Change the World
Cancer Bats – Hail Destroyer
Millencolin – Stop to Think

  1. God Save The Punk - 18_03_18 Radio Metal 59:52
  2. God Save The Punk - 18_03_18 Radio Metal 1:06:22

Émission du 18/02/2018 – Le Prénom


Frenzal Rhomb – Edwards sausage fang
Greenday – St Jimmy
No Use for a name – For Fiona
Sport – Reggie Lewis
Ramones – Sheena is a punk rocker
The Clash – Janie Jones
The Dickies – Mannie, Moe and Jack
The Misfists – Helena
Dandy Livigstone – A message to you Rudie
Mad Caddies – Mary Melody
Days n Daze – Goodbye lulu
Flogging Molly – Queen Anne’s revenge
Birds in Row – Walter Freeman
Sna-fu – Dorian
Stray From the Path – Damien
NOFX – Eddie Bruce & Paul
Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode
Dolores Riposte – Régis
Mano Negra – Mme Oscar
Poesie Zero – Nadine
Tagada Jones – Karim et Juliette
Justin(e) – Alicia
Le Réparateur – Yannick Noah
Opium du peuple – Lily
Save Ferris – Come on Eileen
Streetlight Manifesto – Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
Fucked Up – David comes to life
Rancid – Lulu
Weezer – My name is Jonas
Can’t Bear This Party – Lil Bowotami1=0 – Serguei
And So I Watch You From Afar – D is for Django the Bastard
Nirvana – Polly
Rage Against The Machine – Maria
Gallows – Cult of Mary

  1. God Save The Punk - 18_02_2018 Radio Metal 1:04:51
  2. God Save The Punk - 18_02_2018 Radio Metal 1:04:17

Émission du 21/01/2018 – Le meilleur de 2017


NOFX – Flossing a dead horse
Code Orange – Forever
Crowning – Velleity
Suicidal Tendencies – Living for life
Marée Noire – Devant l’aube
Guerilla Poubelle – En Marche!
Justin(e) – Brûle raison brûle
Babylon Pression – J’arrive quand j’arrive
Inna de Yard – Let the water dry run
Dropkick Murphys – First class loser
Green Day – Back in the USA
Mark Hoppus – Not every dog goes to heaven
Rancid – Ghost of a chance
At The Drive-In – No wolf like the present
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – God is my friend
Days N Daze – Self Loathing
Gogol Bordello – Did it all
Lysistrata – Asylum
Converge – Eye of a quarrel
Propagandhi – Letters to a young anus
Schlaasss – Kiki
Stupeflip – The Antidote
Les Poppys – Non rien n’a changé
Transplants – Baggy trousers
Ultra Vomit – Un chien géant
Body Count – Raining blood
Opium du Peuple – Baywatch
Glassjaw – Shira
Blink-182 – Home is such a lonely place

  1. God Save The Punk - 21_01_2018 Radio Metal 59:52
  2. God Save The Punk - 21_01_2018 Radio Metal 57:29

Émission du 17/12/2017 – On a échangé nos punks


NOFX – Don’t call me white
Bowling For Soup – Today is gonna be a great day
Mister McFart – Asspirin
Spunge – Kicking Pigeons
Foo Fighters – Monkey wrench
Turbonegro – I got erection
Billy Talent – Fallen Leaves
The Hives – Hate to say I told you so
The Skints – Rubadub
La Ruda Salska – L’instinct du meilleur
Coquettish – No one awaits death
Greenday – Minority
Sonic Boom Six -Sound of a revolution
At The Drive-in – No wolf like the present
Converge – Wishing well
Glassjaw – Siberian kiss
Refused – New noise
Toy Dolls – Nellie The Elephant
Lutin Bleu – Touta
Rancid – Blackhawk Down
Chounaikaichuu no Musuko Band – Mad House
Adolescents – Amoeba
Reel Big Fish – Everything is cool
Fugazi – Furniture
Blink-182 – Lemmings
Beastie Boys – Girls
Dead Kennedys – Viva Las Vegas
Les Amis D’ta Femme – Cayenne
FIDLAR – If it makes you happy
Jimmy Cliff – Guns of Brixton
Streetlight Manifesto – Hell
Hatebreed – Suicidal Maniac
Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution – It’s a wonderful life

  1. God Save The Punk - 17_12_2017 Radio Metal 59:52
  2. God Save The Punk - 17_12_2017 Radio Metal 59:52
  3. God Save The Punk - 17_12_2017 Radio Metal 22:51

Émission du 15/10/2017 – Punk et criminalité


THUG LIFE – Thug Life Anthem
Discipline – On The Road
Propaghandi – The only good facist is a dead facist
The Beastie Boys – Tough Guy
Booze & Glory – London skinhead crew
Olivensteins – Fier de rien faire
Justin(e) – Affreux, sales et méchants
Maïsman – Le retour de Méchant Man
Parabellum – Cayenne
Bob Marley – I shot the sheriff
Capleton – That day will come
Body Count – Talk shit get shot
Suicidal Tendancies – Institutionalized
Biohazard – Sellout
The Specials – Gangsters
Ska Petarda – Al Capone
Bad manners – Ne Na Nu
La ruda Salska – Le prix du silence
The Velvet Underground – I’m waiting for the man
Moscow Death Brigade – It’s us
Cro-mags – We gotta know
Hatebreed – Bound to violence
Criminal mind – You’ll never take us down
Transplants – Gangsters & thugs
Mest – Cadillac
Rancid – David Courtney
Bloc Party – We’re not good people
Last Shadow Puppets – Bad Habits
Opium du Peuple – Sois faineant
Rage Againt The Machine – How I could just kill a man
Claude François – J’ai joué et puis j’ai perdu
Les Thugs – Never get older
Les Sales Majestés – Macron
Nofx – Bang Bang
Dead Kennedys – I kill children
Uncommonmenfrommars – Jim got in a fight with Brian Molko

  1. God Save The Punk - 15_10_17 Radio Metal 59:52
  2. God Save The Punk - 15_10_17 Radio Metal 1:01:42

Émission du 17/09/2017 – Viva España !


Decibelios – Fil de puta
Kaka de luxe – La pluma Electrica
Cicatriz – Lola
Generacion Suicida – Mil Amores
Los Crudos – Asesinos
Drei Affen – Caen los sueños
Woodwork – Mari chi weu
South Central Skankers – Punos y codos
El Comer Ocho – El portero
Sergent Garcia – Acabar Mal
Generacion Suicida – Mil Amores (Oui, 2 fois)
Eskorbuto – Anti todo
Almen TNT – Autoestop
Mortimer – Como un dia mas
Kortatu – Mierda de ciudad
Georges Brassens – La mala reputacion
NOFX – Cantado en español
Psycho Loosers – Avril Lavigne me hizo un beso negro
Uncommonmenfrommars – El Canario
Weezer – El Scorcho
Fatal Picards – Commandante
Dead Kennedys – Viva las vegas
El Gran Silencio – Time Bomb
Yuri Buenaventura – Mala Vida
OSS 117 – Todo Bem
Dogged Skankers – Globalizacion
Betteraves – Viva Zapata
Les Caméléons – Madre Mia
Queens of The Stone Age – Gonna leave you
Kouz-1 & Ardag – HeTatu
Los Alguiens – El Internet
Mass Hysteria – La Ventura Humana
Ska-P – El Vals Del Obrero
Luis Fonsi – Despacito

  1. God Save The Punk - 17_09_2017 Radio Metal 59:02
  2. God Save The Punk - 17_09_2017 Radio Metal 1:05:47

Émission du 18/06/2017 – Hellfest, Download et autres festivals


Poesie Zero – Va niquer ta mère
Terror – Live by the code
Blink-182 – Dammit
Kvelertak – Bronsegut
Green Day – Revolution Radio
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Fangs
The Bouncing Souls – True believers
Booze & Glory – Down & out
Rancid – Where I’m going
Skindred – Pressure
Dinosaur Jr – Feel the pain
Pierce The Veil – King for a day
Hatebreed – I will be heard
Suicidal Tendancies – Don’t give a fuck
Touché Amoré – DNA
Nostromo – Epitomize
Code Orange – Forever
Prophets of Rage – Unfuck the world
The Troggs – Wild things
DeezNuts – Don’t call it a comeback
Every Time I Die – Pelican of the desert
Harm Done – Two worlds / No authority but mine
Architects – Broken cross
Leftover Crack – Loneliness & heartache
Insanity alert – Why is David Guetta still alive ?
The Damned – Love song
Verbal Razors – Dendrobate
Zeke – Flat Track
Justin(e) – Une ode à la mort
Agnostic Front – Blitzkrieg Bop
Stray From The Path – Burnout
NOFX – Radio
Streetlight Manifesto – A better place, a better time

  1. God Save The Punk - 18_06_2017 Radio Metal 1:07:53
  2. God Save The Punk - 18_06_2017 Radio Metal 50:23

Émission du 21/05/2017 – L’argent, parlons en


Bad Religion – Robin Hood in Reverse
Sna-Fu – I’ll give you money
Defeater – Debts
FIDLAR – Paycheck
Dirty Fonzy – Song for a trader
RVIVR – Scrooged
At The Drive-in – Pickpocket
Justin(e) – La crise
Dead Kennedys – Kill the poor
Seeed – Jackpot girl
Kemuri – Minimum wage
Uncommonmenfrommars – It’s a small price to pay
Brixton Robbers – 20$ Chris
NOFX – 60%
Barrett Strong – Money (That’s what I want)
Le Réparateur – Pauvre et moche
Kobayes – A tout prix
Not On Tour – Banks
Babylon Pression – Les banquiers vont sauver ta vie
Personne – Moins cher que gratuit
Poesie Zero – La bourgeoisie
Leftöver Crack – Corrupt Vision
The Clash – Janie Jones
Code Orange Kids – Starve
Suicidal Tendancies – Send me your money
Glassjaw – Tip your bartender
Headcharger – The price to pay
Johnny Cash – Rusty cage (COVERDOSE Soundgarden)
Ultra Vomit – Calogira (COVERDOSE Calojero)
Wizo – Poupée de cire (COVERDOSE France Gall)
Didier Super – Y’en a marre des pauvres
Karlit & Kabok – J’ai pas d’sous
Les Fatals Picards – Les bourgeois
Dolores Riposte – Je paye cher
Gallows – Misery
Mort Mort Mort – La bourse ou la vie
Pennywise – Homeless
The Dillinger Escape Plan – When I lost my bet

  1. God Save The Punk - 21_05_2017 Radio Metal 1:00:56
  2. God Save The Punk - 21_05_2017 Radio Metal 1:05:20

Émission du 23/04/2017 – Les punks et les politiques


Berurier Noir – Porcherie
Beastie Boys – Fight for your right
Dirty Fonzy – Church war & guns
Coquettish – Do it yourself
Sonic Boom Six – Sound of a revolution
Soldat Louis – Juste une gigue en do
Tagada Jones – A gauche comme à droite
Les Wampas – Chirac en prison
Poesie Zero – Nadine
Babylon Pression – Voila plus de trente ans
Tiken Jah Fakoly – Votez
Les Sales Majestés – Flamby
Guerilla Poubelle – Mon rat s’appelle Judas
Les Vulgaires Machins – Un vote de moins
Lofofora – La Tsarine
Authority Zero – Revolution
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – My star
Dropkick Murphys – Which side are you on
Pennywise – Society
NOFX – Perfect Governement
Donots – Time’s up
Against Me! – White people for peace
People Die – Punk voter
Jacques Dutronc – L’opportuniste
Propagandhi – Bullshit politicians
Stray From The Path – The house always wins
The Clash – The leader
Brigitte Bop – Votez pour moi
Iron Reagan – Four more years
Anti-Flag – Die for your government
Parabellum & Svinkels – Anarchie en Chiraquie
The Skulls – Murder the government (COVERDOSE NOFX)
Les Ogres de Barback – Grand-mère
No One Is Innocent – Antipolitique
Rage Against The Machine – Take The Power Back
La Ruda – Souviens toi 2012
Rancid – Raise your fist

  1. God Save The Punk - 23_04_2017 Radio Metal 1:08:32
  2. God Save The Punk - 23_04_2017 Radio Metal 1:08:40

Émission du 19/03/2017 – Les punks racontent des histoires


The King Blues – Last of the dreamers
Les Fatals Picards – Goldorak est mort
Les Wampas – J’ai avalé une mouche
Lustra – Scotty doesn’t know
Guerilla Poubelle – Novembre
Defeater – The red, white and blues
Personne – Un jour tu vas crever et ce jour-là je rirais tellement fort que je chierai dans mon froc
Sna-Fu – Route 66
Marcel et son Orchestre – La 7e compagnie en Jamaïque
Les Sales Majestés – Keupon toujours
Dolores Riposte – Régis
Past – Deserter
Kobayes – SDF
Justin(e) – Une ode à la mort
Jim Morrison – An american prayer
Maïsman – Le retour de Méchant Man
Streetlight Manifesto – Everything went numb
Uncommonmenfrommars – The boy who had no name
NOFX – She didn’t loose her baby
Brassen’s Not Dead – Fernande
Oberkampf – Poupée de Cire
Didier Super – Hallelujah
Opium du peuple – Lily
Renaud – Je suis un voyou
Georges Brassens – Heureux qui comme Ulysse
Bukowski – Fight
Dionysos – McEnroe’s poetry
Fauve – De ceux
Maczde Carpate – Poëme
Social Distortion – Story of my life
Flogging Molly – Whistle in the wind
Green Day – St.Jimmy
Zabrikie Point – Punk
Ludwig von 88 – Les 3 ptits keupons
La Ruda Salska – Le prix du silence

  1. God Save The Punk - 19_03_2017 Radio Metal 1:05:25
  2. God Save The Punk - 19_03_2017 Radio Metal 1:06:12

Émission du 19/02/2017 – Les groupes punk rock de fiction


Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld – Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld
Pagoda – Fetus
Sadgasm – Politically incorrect
Mystik Spiral – Freakin’ friends
Milionaire – Deepfish
Les Garçons Bouchers – La bière
Akut Skjut – Leva i smyg
BECK – Spice of life
The Lonely Island – Ras Trent
The Sex Bob-ombs – Threshhold
Crucial Taunt – Ballroom Blitz
Teddy Geiger – Tomorrow never comes
Bee Hive – Moi je voudrais te voir
Nasty Bits – What love is
The Rutles – Get up and go
The Eight Bucks Experiment – One of these days
Burning Phlegm – Nothing
Sleez Sisters – Bubble bomb
Dead Makabés – The Pop Redemption
The Blues Brothers – I can’t turn you loose
Autobahn – Girlfriend toe
Wyld Stalin – Gave rock’n roll to you
Six Drummers – Money 4 U honey
The Ain’t Rights – Nazi Punk Fuck Off
Les Connards – Comme des connards
NOFX – Johnny B Goode
Teenage Head – Ain’t got no sense
The Lone Rangers – Degenerated
Abwärts – Maschinenland
Crisis Of Conformity – Fist Fight!
Josie and the Pussycats – Pretend to be nice
Chounaikaichuu no Musuko Band – Mad House

  1. God Save The Punk - 19_02_2017 Radio Metal 1:01:32
  2. God Save The Punk - 19_02_2017 Radio Metal 1:00:30

Émission du 22/01/2017 – Le meilleur de 2016 !


Rancid – Silence is the only rule
At the drive-in – Governed by contagion
NOFX – Sid & Nancy
White Lung – Hungry
The Interrupters – By my side
Le Reparateur – Metal Reproduction
Babylon Pression – J’arrive quand j’arrive
Jarod – Deconstruire
Mon Autre Groupe – Decadence
The Frightnrs – Trouble in here
The Descendents – Fighting myself
Against Me! – 333
Sum 41 – Fake my own death
Blink 182 – Cynical
The Clash – London Calling
Iron Reagan – Grim business
Hesitation Wounds – Operatic
G.L.O.S.S. – Give violence a chance
Dillinger Escape Plan – Limerent death
Beach Slang – Punks in a disco bar
Radiots – Junk heroes story
Dirty Fonzy – Famous for nothing
Green Day – Bang Bang
Sport – Trompe l’ennui
So Pitted – Feed me
PUP – Dvp
Defeater – Where Eagles Dare (COVERDOSE Misfits)
Justin(e) – Menteur (COVERDOSE Flying Donuts)
The Skints – Hope (COVERDOSE Descendents)
Two Tone Club – Ne fais pas cette tête là (COVERDOSE Les $heriff)
Didier Super – Rien à Foutre
Solids – Blank stare
Totorro – Saveur cheveux

  1. God Save The Punk - 22_01_2017 Radio Metal 1:08:54
  2. God Save The Punk - 22_01_2017 Radio Metal 57:45

Émission du 20/11/2016 – Le punk français des années 80


Gasoline – Radio Flic
Oberkampf – La Marseillaise
La Souris Déglingué – En France
Les Civils – La crise
Bulldozer – Jsuis punk
OTH – Quelle sacrée revanche
Gogol 1er – Adolf mon amour
Ludwig von 88 – Vengeur masqué
Les Pélicans Frisés – HLM (COVERDOSE Ludwig von 88)
Starshooter – Quelle crise baby
Marie et les Garçons – Be-Bop Attitudes
Taxi Girl – Cherchez le garçon
Les Cadavres – Basta
Trotskids – Pas de voyous dans mon bar
Les Calamités – Toutes les nuits
Les Garçons Bouchers – Toutes des putes sauf ma mère et ma soeur
Renaud – Société tu m’auras pas
Hot Pants – Mala Vida
Metal Urbain – Panik
Warum Joe – Peste Noire
Washington Dead Cats – Pizza Attack
Les Betteraves – Oui-Oui is not dead (COVERDOSE Ludwig von 88)
NOFX – Champs Elysées (COVERDOSE Joe Dassin)
Lofofora – Vive le Feu (COVERDOSE Bérurier Noir)
Telephone – Argent Trop Cher
Les Negresses Vertes – Zobi la mouche
Wampas – Shalala
Parabellum – Papa
Pigalle – L’éboueur
Les Shériffs – J’aime jouer avec le feu
Bérurier Noir – Empereur Tomato Ketchup
Parabellum – Cayenne

  1. God Save The Punk - 20_11_2016 Radio Metal 1:03:13
  2. God Save The Punk - 20_11_2016 Radio Metal 58:42

Émission du 16/10/2016 – Monsieur Plouf et la Suisse


Hateful Mondays – De facto independant republic
NOFX – Linoleum
Lagwagon – Sleep
Mad Caddies – Road Rash
Liliput – Split
Die Cadizier – Es Brennt
Lodd – Quand j’étais vieux
Sergent Papou – Souriez vous êtes filmés
Moonraiser – Rise up
Elizabeth – Sharp Teeth and knives
Houston Swing Engine – Evil Clutch
Wardhill – Our life in game
Yog – Fistfuck on the way home
Krokodil – Skylab
The Vandals – Euro Barge
Assorted Jelly Beans – Assorted Jelly Beans
Leftover Crack – Nazi white trash
Archer and Arrows – it’s so cool we’ll die together
Coilguns – Plug in citizen
Greg Doh – Crossroads
Les Wampas – Ou sont les femmes ?
Arno & Stephan Eicher – Ils ont changé ma chanson
Nostromo – Unwillingly and slow
QL – Hopp Schwiiz
Violence et Honneteté – Pas assez pété
Krank – Box Davos
Les Bouillons Knorr – Soda
Snitch – Just wait
Ludwig von 88 – Oh lord

  1. God Save The Punk - 16_10_2016 - Radio Metal Radio Metal 1:01:24
  2. God Save The Punk - 16_10_2016 - Radio Metal Radio Metal 54:58

Émission du 18/09/2016 – Ska


Madness – One step beyond
The Specials – A message to you Rudy
The Clash – Rudie can’t fail
The Mighy Mighty Bosstones – You gotta go
Mister McFart – Fun for bad gays
Babylon Circus – Lundi 6h
Dogged Skankers – Globalizacion
Three Feet Cats – Hanging with the dead
Betteraves – Suicide festif
Voodoo Glow Skulls – Shoot the moon
Chocking Victims – 500 channels
Operation Ivy – Here we go again
South Central Skankers – Jun-Bug
Propagandhi – Ska sucks
Rancid – Old friend
The Offsprings – What happened to you
NOFX – All outta angst
The Skatalites – The Guns of Navarone
The Flatliners – Fred got’s slacks
The Dead 60’s – Control this
Kemuri – Ohichyo
Le Maximum Kouette – Out of time man
Ska-P – Senor Matanza
Amy Winehouse – You’re wondering now
Coquettish – J’ai perdu mes mains
Fishbone – Bonin’ in the boneyard
Gorillaz – Punk
(hed)pe – Sophia
Jaya The Cat – Six cold beers
Freygolo – Nothing to do
Faintest Idea – Stand tall
Catch 22 – Hard to impress
Brixton Robbers – Bright light
Mad Caddies – No hope
Streetlight Manifesto – Here’s to life

  1. God Save The Punk - 18_09_2016 Radio Metal 1:00:11
  2. God Save The Punk - 18_09_2016 Radio Metal 1:03:30

Émission du 19/06/2016 – Le top du top


The Clash – London calling
Generation X – Your generation
Dead Kennedys – Kill the poor
The Exploited – Punk is not dead
Sonic Boom Six – Piggy in the middle
Justin(e) – Mollo sur le rock’n roll
Les Wampas – Rimini
Bérurier Noir – Salut à toi
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnake – I hate you
Rise against – Prayer of the refugee
Faintest Idea – Youth
Nina’s School – Punk rock star
NOFX – Eat the meek
Two Tone Club – Turn off the television
Streetlight Manifesto – Somewhere in the between
Gogol Bordello – Ultimate
Reel Big Fish – Sell out
Flogging Molly – Drunken lullabies
Babylon Pression – Allez tous vous faire foutre
Ludwig von 88 – Vengeur Masqué
Cobra – Pour nous les français
No One Is Innocent – Charlie
Personne – Un jour tu vas crever
The Flatliners – Meanwhile, in hell…
Flying donuts – I wanna rock
Psycho Loosers – Avril Lavigne me hizo un beso negro
Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 – Mr. Motherfucker
FIDLAR – Cheap beer
The Mad Capsule Market – Midi surf
Can’t Bear This Party – Song of sirens
Sna-Fu – Route 66
Comeback Kid – Wake The Dead
Converge – Dark Horse
Hatebreed – Divine judgment

  1. God Save The Punk - 19_06_2016 Radio Metal 1:02:42
  2. God Save The Punk - 19_06_2016 Radio Metal 1:00:28
  3. God Save The Punk - 19_06_2016 Radio Metal 35:51

Émission du 15/05/2016 – La famille


Blink 182 – Mother’s Day
Social Distortion – Mommy’s little monster
RVIVR – Grandma
Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s mom
Youth Brigade – Punk rock mom
The Interrupters – Family
Fatal Picards – Au mariage de Kévin et ma soeur
Terror – All I’ve got
Valley – Jungle Kid
Macka B – Respect to our mothers
Frenzal Rhomb – You’re Mommy doesn’t know you’re a nazi
Good Riddance – Mother Superior
Madd Caddies – Mum’s the world
Dirty Fonzy – Mama is a crust
Guerilla Poubelle – 50 euros
Streetlight Manifesto – Ungrateful
Ramones – We’re a happy family
Kobayes – Mes frères
Defeater – Home ain’t never home
Spongetunnel – Your mom is totally hot
Code Orange Kid – Thinners of the herd
Suicidal Tendancies – I saw your mommy
Sublime – Wrong way
NOFX – My orphan year
Rob Zombie – Blitzkrieg Bop
The Runaways – Mama weer all crazee now
Marilyn Manson – The KKK took my baby away
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Isn’t she lovely ?
Arno – Dans les yeux de ma mère
Chill Bump – My mother is a pornstar
Mr T – Treat your mother right
Dedo – Tue tes parents
Les Wampas – Ma mère me rend folle
Lofofora – Macho Blues
Faintest Idea – Bull in a China shop

  1. God Save The Punk - 15_05_2016 Radio Metal 1:00:58
  2. God Save The Punk - 15_05_2016 Radio Metal 51:26
  3. God Save The Punk - 15_05_2016 Radio Metal 28:21

Émission du 17/04/2016 – Police et Flemme


Beastie Boys – Transit Cops
Suicidal Tendancies – Fascist Pig
The Casualties – Police Brutality
Fugazi – Great Cop
The Replacement – Shiftless when idle
Morissey – The lazy sunbathers
Les Sales Majestés – Je suis fier
Pierpoljak – Police
Justin(e) – Je veux être un gendarme
Babylon Pression – Des tasers et des pauvres
Everything must be Metal – Because I got High
Opium du Peuple – Soit faineant
Exploited – Fuck the system
Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 – Mr. Motherfucker
Foo Fighters – FFL (Fat Fucking Lie)
Uncommonmenfrommars – Time to get away (COVERDOSE Burning Heads)
Streetlight Manifesto – Such Great Heights

  1. God Save The Punk - 17_04_2016 Radio Metal 1:01:49
  2. God Save The Punk - 17_04_2016 - Radio Metal - Partie 2.mp3 Radio Metal 1:03:38

Émission du 20/03/2016 – Groupe de bals & groupes à 2 balles


Le Bal des enragés – I wanna be your dog
Brassens Not Dead – Jolie fleur
UK Subs – She’s not there
Blacko – Chante
Fatals Picards – Chasse pêche et biture
Marcel et son Orchestre – La Famille Ingalls
Los Tres Puntos – Le temps passe
Michel Sardou – Les bals populaires
La Pompe Moderne – Le Bal
Ministère des Affaires Populaires – Balle populaire
Mon Coté Punk – Mon cote punk
Richard Cheese – What’s my age again
Devo – (I can’t get no) Satisfaction
Dickies – Paranoid
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – I will survive
Streetlight Manifesto – What a wicked gang we are
Toy Dolls – Dig that groove baby
Les VRP – Grosse Papille
Bérurier Noir – Les éléphants
Blink-182 – Carousel
Ludwig von 88 – Lapin Billy s’en va t’en guerre
Green Day – Sweet Children
NOFX – The Decline

  1. God Save The Punk - 20_03_2016 Radio Metal 45:19
  2. God Save The Punk - 20_03_2016 Radio Metal 51:52

Émission du 21/02/2016 – La rupture


Uncommonmenfrommars – My girlfriend ate the dog (I think she’s a zombie)
Dirty Fonzy – She mkes me crazy
Annita Babyface & the Tasty Poneys – Why won’t you marry me ?
NOFX – Codependance day
Chasing Paperboy – Lying, pretending everything is ok
Le Réparateur – Même pas 1/4 d’heure de sexe
Les Wampas – Christine
Personne – Ma femme zombie
Flogging Molly – Cruel Mistress
Gallows – Just because you’re next to me doesn’t mean you’re safe
Rancid – Fall back down
Two Tone Club – Talk about love
Reel Big Fish – I want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend too
The Specials – Little bitch
Babylon Circus – Sailor’s wife
Spunge – Break up
Fishbone – Lyin ass bitch
The Clash – Train in vain
Janis Joplin – Cry baby
RVIVR – Goodbyes
Code Orange Kids – Unclean spirit
Bad Religion – You
American Hi-fi – The breakup song
The Menzigers – Time tables
New Found Glorys – My friends over you
Blink-182 – Ben Wah Balls
Didier Super & ze Discomobile – Still loving you (COVERDOSE Scorpions)
Oleander – Boys don’t cry (COVERDOSE The Cure)
Opium du Peuple – Les histoires d’A (COVERDOSE Rita Mitsuko)
Pears – Judy is a Punk (COVERDOSE Ramones)
Freedom For King Kong – Amour propre
La Canaille – Desséchée
The Lonely Island – Dick in a box
Brand New – Mix Tape
Bowling For Soup – The Bitch Song

  1. God Save The Punk - 21_02_2016 Radio Metal 1:05:09
  2. God Save The Punk - 21_02_2016 Radio Metal 57:51

Émission du 17/01/2016 – Venda et Dessin animé


Teen Titans Go! Ending
Refused – Rather be dead
Burning Heads – Piece of cake
Fugazi – Rend it
Venda – Brand new car
The White Stripes – Fell in love with a girl
Bakudan Johnny – Tada Hitori
Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld – Self titled
Streetlight Manifesto – Would you be impressed
Seeed – Cherry Oh
The Get Up Kids – No Love
At The Drive-In – One armed scissor
Shellac – A Minute
David Bowie – Rebel Rebel
Lego – Let’s Go
NOFX – Franco Un-American
Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the flow
Radkey – Glore
Motörhead – God save the Queen (COVERDOSE Sex Pistols)
Ramones – Spider Man (COVERDOSE)
Orgasmic Victim – Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (COVERDOSE)
Royal Blood – Out of the Black
Pearl Jam – Do the evolution
The Mars Volta – Roulette Dares
Sonic Youth – Purr
Bowling for soup – Today is gonna be a great day
Steriogram – Walkie Talkie Man
ADHD – Fuck U Science
Sna-Fu – Dorian
Venda – Tony

  1. God Save The Punk - 17_01_2016 Radio Metal 1:05:05
  2. God Save The Punk - 17_01_2016 Radio Metal 1:11:04

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